Another Great MRG Event!

Our 'Transfer of Wealth' Lunch & Learn

April 13, 2017

A family legacy is so important. Pictured is Kim Mailey and Victoria Rogers with parents Lee and Arlyne Mailey and Derrick and Celia Rogers, who have all used Scotiatrust. Also pictured are Brook and Madison Mailey. (2002)

Mailey Rogers Group was pleased to host a Lunch & Learn event here at our West Vancouver office on April 6th. Our topic ‘The Transfer of Wealth’ was presented by our fantastic Will and Estate Planning Consultant, Monique Trepanier. Monique led an informative and engaging session, giving thoughtful answers to questions from attendees. We are also thankful to MRG wealth advisor Brie Fraser for her valuable participation – what a fantastic team we have!

This topic is important to all of us. According to a study from the consulting firm Accenture, “The Great Wealth Transfer” has begun as baby boomers begin to pass along their life savings to their heirs. This process will continue over the next few decades, and when done, some $30 trillion will have been transferred from one generation to the next.

We’ve spoken about estate planning and helping our aging parents, and many of our Mailey Rogers Group clients have asked for guidance upon receiving an inheritance. These are important topics, but there is so much more to consider. We are very fortunate to have Monique on our team, and trust her guidance implicitly. After all, she helped develop our own will and estate plans!

Our team enjoyed seeing so many clients and guests in attendance, and were pleased to hear that they benefitted from the event. Many clients left with a pile of notes – a great sign that they will implement Monique’s valuable insight and advice! One key takeaway was this: to ensure the inheritance you leave your loved ones is structured in the most beneficial way, consider reviewing your will and estate documents every three years or any time there is a significant life event.

Mailey Rogers Group cares about your family and your legacy. We want to ensure that your wealth is passed on in the most advantageous way possible. If you have questions about transitioning your wealth to the next generation, or would like to book a consultation with Monique Trepanier, please contact Tannis Fuller to make an appointment. As always, our group is available to support you in all your wealth management needs.

A final note to all of our attendees – thank you for braving torrential rain and cold to join us! We are thrilled that you did.

If you’d like to be kept informed about future events hosted or sponsored by Mailey Rogers Group, please contact Tannis – she will make note of your preferences and ensure that you’re kept in the loop. Here’s some information on our next client event, ‘Smart Woman…Smart Investor’:

As women, we are confident in many areas of our lives, but finance seems to be an area where we are more than happy to pass the reigns to the men. Come and learn how to improve your self-efficacy – it’s slightly different than self-confidence. It’s the belief in your ability to succeed at something. Sadly, when it’s low, we stick our heads in the sand and choose not to engage because we can feel overwhelmed and confused about where to start.

We happen to know a great place to start! Join us for an evening of wine and conversation about how woman make great investors – in fact, often better investors than men if we are given the right tools.

If you would like to share this evening with a friend that could benefit from a little financial tune-up, please let us know as we would love for them to join in this evening of empowerment!

Smart Woman, Smart Investor
Wednesday May 10th
6:30 pm – Drinks and Nibbles
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Presentation

ScotiaMcLeod Boardroom
3rd Floor, 1555 Marine Drive

Thanks for reading – we hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with good friends and family!