Challenging common beliefs about real estate

Mailey Rogers Group

November 21, 2016

Most people who own real estate in the Vancouver area are convinced it is one of the best investments they have ever made. Prices have risen sharply in the past five years and, along with that, many conventional ideas about the enduring value of real estate as an investment have become deeply entrenched.

Thinking critically about the underlying, long-term value of any investment is a defining characteristic of a competent Wealth Advisor. Real estate is no exception to that rule, especially in view of the legislation introduced by Canada’s Finance Minister designed to address the so-called ‘housing bubble’ in this country.

As part of our continuing commitment to raising awareness and insight into important investment issues, the Mailey Rogers Group has invited a real estate expert – a Portfolio Manager of an equity fund that has produced attractive double-digit returns in all markets and has avoided losses in negative ones – to lead a panel discussion that will probe the following questions:

  • Should you be taking advantage of current real estate prices to downsize?
  • Perhaps you should exit the real estate market and re-enter at a lower price?
  • How competitive is your real estate investment compared to alternatives?
  • Are real estate investment trusts (REITs) a credible alternative to a bricks
  • and mortar investment?

Investors continue to direct money into real estate funds as low interest rates drive demand for access to this sector’s relatively higher yielding investment trusts. Canada’s active housing market and consequent investor appetite for real estate investment trusts have made property a top-of-mind topic in recent years.
But while real estate can be hot, it is also volatile.

For clarity, insight and – perhaps – reassurance, we invite you to attend:

Challenging Common Beliefs About Real Estate.

Wednesday November 23, 2016
1:30 pm – Registration
2:00 – 3:00 pm Presentation

Kay Meek Centre, Studio Theatre
1700 Mathers Avenue, West Vancouver

RSVP to Kim Mailey at or 604.913.7010

We guarantee that you will enjoy what is intended to be a fast-paced, entertaining and thought-provoking discussion.