Due diligence

A Mailey Rogers Group commitment

July 13, 2017

A recent meeting with Don Raymond of Alignvest Strategic Partners Fund.

Mailey Rogers Group views due diligence as not just monitoring the investments our clients own, but looking for great investment opportunities our clients should own!

We receive multiple requests for meetings from investment representatives every day. We are very selective of who we meet with. A recent meeting Brie Fraser and I had was with Don Raymond, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Alignvest Strategic Partners Fund.

Don’s credentials are definitely remarkable with 13 years spent with the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board – the final three years as Chief Investment Strategist. (The CPP Fund ended its fiscal year on March 31, 2017 with net assets of $316.7 billion dollars!) He is Chair Emeritus, International Centre for Pension Management and sits on the Investment and Risk Advisory Panel for the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Don’s premise is that the traditional 40% fixed-income/60% equity long-only investment portfolio that has stood the test of time over the past 30 year bull market in bonds, will provide more meager mid-single digit returns in the coming years. He believes investors should consider portfolios that have the flexibility to go long or short (to benefit even in declining markets) and have the ability to invest in alternative (real) assets and skill-based absolute return strategies. He believes this strategy will provide higher returns with no additional risk over the traditional portfolio discussed above. Portfolios that can include private equity and use alternative assets and/or alternative strategies that have low correlations to other assets would be expected to contribute to higher returns without increasing the expected risk (volatility) of the portfolio. One of the more interesting alternative investments he has made in his fund is Australian water rights – a great example of a valuable investment in this hot and dry country, and one that would not be impacted by the emotions and market rumours of the day.

Don runs a fund that we are completing our due diligence on and gaining greater and greater confidence in. It is purchased by Offering Memorandum and is available to accredited investors.

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