Happy New Year! A look back at the best blog posts by Mailey Rogers Group

January 2, 2018

The past year has been a great success for Mailey Rogers Group, our professional and community partners and most importantly, our valued clients. As a team, MRG helped hundreds of individuals and families in West Vancouver and throughout the province as they worked toward their wealth management goals. Whether this involved financial planning, investment management, retirement planning or additional services through our Scotia Wealth Management team of experts, we have accomplished a great deal and are proud of the exceptional care our clients receive.

So as we begin 2018, what’s next? We will continue to work closely with Kay Meek Centre as Season Sponsor, and are dedicated to Mailey Rogers Group projects such as our Women’s Initiative, our learning events and our communications on social media. (If you haven’t yet, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter). Additionally, we will continue to share interesting and informative blog posts each week (if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered, please contact us – we’d love your input)!

As we close out the year with this final post of 2017, here are the top blog posts we shared. Please take one more look and enjoy these great reads!

30 year milestone celebrated

Just weeks ago, Kim Mailey celebrated a big milestone – his 30 year anniversary with Scotia Wealth Management. You can read the post here, and check out the wonderful comments he received on Facebook.

Wealth, aging and what matters to women

Mailey Rogers Group has always been committed to helping women reach their financial goals – something that requires personalized care, as women’s needs truly do differ from the needs of men. Learn more by reading this fantastic post here!

Our personal estate planning story by Victoria Rogers

We were so pleased to share this very personal post by Victoria Rogers, who discussed her estate planning journey with Scotia Wealth Management specialist Monique Trepanier. Please take a look at this memorable blog post.

What is investing for income?

This is a fantastic read for investors who want to better understand the intention behind our strategic investment plans. Learn more in this brief overview of risk management, tax minimization strategies and other elements that are considered. Read it here!

Is Turtle Creek right for you?

This post discussed an exciting investment opportunity that we knew would be of interest to some Mailey Rogers Group clients. As our team prides itself in due diligence, up-to-date investment information and innovation, we were glad to share this information with our readers.

Mailey Rogers Group Holiday Message by Victoria Rogers

Our year end message discussing refugees and the film Human Flow may be a more difficult read as it is emotional and very sensitive in nature. That said, it is truly important material and so worth taking a moment to read and share. We thank you for giving your attention to this important issue, which Mailey Rogers Group cares deeply about.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Looking back at such a fantastic year, we want to say thank you to all those who trust in our services and have helped us become one of Canada’s most prestigious wealth management groups. We are grateful for the incredible colleagues and clients we work with each day, and wish you all a wonderful holiday season.