Why us

What makes us different

Our clients’ testimonies are remarkable tributes to our professional commitment and success.

We believe the foundation of our client satisfaction is our sincere and caring approach. From being a leading West Vancouver team, to our philanthropy and dedication to the arts, while empowering women through our ‘Smart Woman, Smart Investor’ series, we are pleased to help make a difference.

At our West Vancouver ScotiaMcLeod office, we meet many new people looking for solutions to help achieve their financial priorities and long-term needs. At these meetings, we are commonly asked, “Do you work for Scotiabank?” The long answer is found on this link, but the short answer is that ScotiaMcLeod’s Mailey Rogers Group does not. The bank is simply our parent company. In fact, Scotiabank owns many independent wealth services companies that have been acquired to provide sophisticated and objective financial solutions. ScotiaMcLeod is the arm of Scotiabank helping individuals like you, who are looking for a comprehensive range of wealth services.

As Wealth Advisors, it is our legal requirement to offer you independent advice. We do not recommend bank product unless it is deemed more suitable than other options. We are proud of this independence and the integrity of the Mailey Rogers Group!

We are also asked who the Mailey Rogers Group is. The answer is we are one of ScotiaMcLeod’s 600+ advisor teams in Canada. Currently, our West Vancouver branch is home to 12 separate advisor teams. We all have different investment processes, different approaches to client service, and very different personalities! As the consumer, you must do your homework and determine the best fit for you and your family. We hope by spending more time on this website, you will want to take the next step and meet us. There is no obligation – we will simply introduce ourselves and enjoy some quality discussion together.

The Mailey Rogers Group services just over 300 modern families on the North Shore and across BC: retirees, divorcees, widowers, professionals and small business owners – people of all genders and walks of life. We work with clients who have over $500,000 in investable assets, though most of our clients investments are $1-5 million or higher. If you love dogs, then you’re in the right place as our D.O.G. is often there to greet you with a wag of her tail.

You are likely wondering what makes the Mailey Rogers Group a forerunner for managing your financial needs? Our Wealth Advisors deliver a comprehensive range of wealth services. The Mailey Rogers Group is nationally recognized for our 75 years of combined service to ScotiaMcLeod clients. Furthermore, our Wealth Advisors in their 40s and 50s are poised to serve you and your family through the decades ahead. Let us help you achieve your financial priorities with our experience, compassion and commitment.

We also have a unique value proposition in that we have a predominantly female team, including Victoria Rogers (Senior Wealth Advisor and Director, Wealth Management). Along with Kim Mailey, these women are dedicated to our clients’ personal and financial success. In fact, our unique offering includes an initiative to engage female clients to become more involved with the management of their wealth. We host many events, and blog frequently on the relationship between women and wealth.

Clients of all ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds work with the Mailey Rogers Group. We pride ourselves on our compassion in understanding our clients’ financial needs, and our ability to find unique solutions to meet them.

We start by listening to your story. The following discussion points were raised in a recent workshop about Women and Wealth. We value these unique and important stories, and the insight they offer us.

  • Grief and confusion: Two attendees had recently lost loved ones and were struggling with the responsibilities of managing their wealth during this traumatic time (including the sale of a home).
  • Retirement around the corner: A female educator was soon to retire and wanted tips on how to plan so she wouldn’t outlive her wealth. Her retired friend and the Mailey Rogers Group client came to the workshop with her.
  • Too busy as a professional: One attendee, a female doctor expressed her frustration and concern that she was just too busy in her practice to take care of her money as well as her patients.
  • Dissatisfaction with a husband’s abilities in money management: A client explained that she joined the Mailey Rogers Group as her partner’s risky approach to investing was concerning to her. Since taking that step they developed a successful strategy to protect their wealth.
  • Motherly concern: Several working moms expressed the morale dilemma they faced over time management. They felt their time away from work needed to be dedicated to their children and not their money.

We are retelling these stories to share just how many unique reasons there are about people’s concern about their money and seeking support. Each situation is unique, as well as emotions including grief, fear, frustration, anger and fatigue. The Mailey Rogers Group listens, cares and plans with you for a bright financial future. Within this day of impersonal, automated wealth advice, we truly offer a human touch!

There is no specific time to get started. Life is busy and often it is not until there is a significant life event (such as the sale of a home, death, or retirement), that people reach out for help. Our advice is to take the plunge now because the sooner you do, the earlier you will have peace of mind – and, the sooner you will be protecting and growing the money you have worked so hard for.

You may be on this website due to frustration with your current advisor. We are not here to critique their performance, but to hear you. Tell us your story and what your financial concerns are and we can start on a new pathway, which we believe will be brighter.

After these introductions, we can begin to work quickly teaching you, organizing your financial documents and preparing a plan. There’s no cost for this step: you have not made any commitment or paid any fees for this evaluation and proposal. What you have done is spent time building trust and exploring financial solutions to achieve contentment.

You can now make the informed decision whether to implement our proposed plan, or not. A commitment would involve transferring your savings to ScotiaMcLeod and joining the many content Mailey Rogers Group clients (some which have spanned three generations)! We work with families in West Vancouver and the North Shore, as well as across British Columbia. We sincerely hope you will consider us as we pledge to keep you informed, valued, confident and secure in your plan and financial future.

Mailey Rogers Group has a deep commitment to our clients and the West Vancouver community. We regularly host events that are designed to inform, engage and empower our clients, and are pleased to have a longtime partnership with Kay Meek Centre here on the North Shore. To learn more about this commitment, please click here.