In our community, part 2: Supporting the Kay Meek Centre

By Victoria Rogers

March 30, 2017

“Hi Victoria and Kim. Heather and I wanted to thank you very much for an enjoyable evening on Thursday. The Kay Meek Theatre is very fortunate to have you as major sponsors of their programs year after year, so kudos to both of you for supporting them. Thanks again” Jay and Heather Cathcart

If you’ve attended an event at Kay Meek Centre, you already know how special this venue truly is. The relationship between Mailey Rogers Group and Kay Meek Centre is both longstanding and personally significant, and I’d like to give our clients and readers some backstory. (Victoria with Elaine McHarg, Director, Community Relations and Development, Kay Meek Centre)

Kim and I both come from musical families and studied fine arts during our school years. Kim was active in the Sentinel Senior Secondary School musical theatre productions, and played bass in its orchestra. I played the clarinet in high school, and won numerous awards in the Vancouver Kiwanis Festival. We are very pleased that our children share our love of music. Our daughter Madison Mailey studies voice at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA, and our son Brook enjoys playing guitar and piano in his leisure time. They each have a deep appreciation of the arts, and we are happy that their music brings them great solace.

Kim and I love giving back to our community, and knowing that our financial support helps the theatre keep its doors open year after year. It’s also very important to us that Kay Meek Centre has a multi-purpose aspect that benefits so many people in the community. KMC is attached to West Vancouver Secondary School, allowing for daytime and summer youth programming at the facility. What an amazing way for youth to experience arts education!

Additionally, Kay Meek Centre acts as a cultural and social hub for seniors in West Vancouver. Many of the neighbourhood’s older individuals take in evening performances, often walking from their nearby homes. This reminds Kim and I of my own elderly parents, both of whom are musicians. My father Dr. Derrick Rogers is a very accomplished classical pianist, and along with my mother, has founded two symphony orchestras in Chilliwack.

We have met some wonderful people through the Kay Meek Centre – staff, audience members, fellow supporters and even performers. We have enjoyed some amazing programming, and been exposed to artists we may never have had the opportunity to see. I love the fact that we have found a sincere fit that allows us to give back to the community and offer support in a way that is meaningful on many levels.

Together, Kim and I have over 60 years of experience helping families manage wealth. Our relationship-centered approach and commitment to client care has led to many genuine, lasting relationships. We’ve often taken clients to events at KMC, which has helped foster these relationships and brought us great joy. We encourage any clients or community members who would like to join us at a future KMC event to reach out. Tannis Fuller can make note of your performance interests, and will call you when we have complimentary tickets available.

If you haven’t, take a look at last week’s blog post on the Chairman’s Reception at Kay Meek Centre, which Kim and I were very pleased to attend. Also, don’t forget to check out the KMC event listing yourself – we hope to join you in giving a standing ovation for the next great performance!