Mailey Rogers Group holiday message by Victoria Rogers

December 19, 2017

The more immune you are to people’s suffering, that’s very, very dangerous. It’s critical for us to maintain this humanity.
Narration from Ai Weiwei’s documentary movie Human Flow

In writing this Mailey Rogers Group holiday message, we wish to reflect upon some poignant moments of 2017. For many of us, the year-end is a time to make final charitable donations, to think about the less fortunate, and to “bring comfort and joy.” Today’s glad tidings will be an untraditional corporate message, delicately crafted on this theme from our own hearts to yours.

As the snow gently falls in much of this great country, I ask our readers to take a moment to consider Canadian immigration, the perils of migration, and those millions sheltered over the holidays in refugee camps. Many of you will watch favourite family movies over the next few weeks. I urge you to start your movie night with two minutes on YouTube viewing the official trailer of Human Flow. Behind the camera is Ai Weiwei, considered to be one of the world’s most important artists and activists. Better yet, see this film in the theatre as Kim and I did this fall. It is both visually shocking and thought provoking ….we in fact wept.

Our response was previously felt by millions of Canadian media viewers. Those who saw the 2015 image of the little Syrian boy Alan Kurdi, washed upon the shoreline of the Mediterranean Sea were also moved to tears. This sadness turned to outrage as it became known the Kurdi family had reportedly been trying to reach Canada. My apologies for this gloomy reference, but it shows our collective compassion and I feel it can ignite us all to make change. Here’s how Mailey Rogers Group has:

I wrote about a few of our charitable activities in the past. In 2015 we donated a 1000 volume children’s book collection to the Fraser Valley Regional Library. We directed this year’s annual donation to children’s books on immigration. 2017 was also a year when we visited the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21. We featured this experience in a summer blog post, and hope to encourage others on the West Coast to become champions of this National Museum in Halifax, N.S. Other than First Nations readers, we are all children of immigrants and the museum reminds us of our common human story to find a home free of persecution, and ripe with opportunity.

With a specific focus on the world refugee crisis, Mailey Rogers Group has also ignited change through thoughtful discussion, and social media exchanges like this. Our season sponsorship of West Vancouver’s Kay Meek Centre further allowed us to have the ear of Executive Director Rob Gloor. We have lobbied Rob to bring Ai Weiwei’s documentary, Human Flow, to our community. Lastly, our 2017 donation to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency has helped support refugees in Bangladesh (some of the 50 million displaced people the UNHCR helped last year).

In closing this seasonal message, I thank you for your business support and hopefully the support of our shared values. On this planet of 7 billion people our most important gift is kindness. I know we all have this within us to give.