Mailey Rogers Group sees Ben Bernanke speak in Vancouver

November 15, 2017

Mailey Rogers Group attended a very exclusive and thought-provoking luncheon with Dr. Ben Bernanke, Past Chair of the Federal Reserve and a significant global figure and thought leader.

Kim, Brie and Tannis thoroughly enjoyed listening to Dr. Bernanke’s insight into the global markets and the role of the Federal Reserve. He shared his thoughts on the appointment of a new chairman (he wishes Yellen was re-appointed, but he is otherwise content with Powell’s appointment), the positive fundamentals currently driving our world economies, and what keeps him up at night (surprisingly, his answer was pepperoni pizza – he was a very entertaining speaker!) This was all soberly coupled with discussion of geopolitical instability.

Our team works very hard to ensure that we have access to great investing minds and great investment products. Sharing an afternoon with Dr. Bernanke was definitely a highlight for our team.

If you would like to hear more about what Dr. Bernanke had to say, do not hesitate to reach out as we would love to chat with you.