MRG clients share their philanthropic journeys

February 6, 2018

Our Mailey Rogers Group seasonal message, which shone awareness on the global refugee crisis, evoked loving and generous responses from clients and friends alike. Your replies reminded Kim, Brie, Tannis, Martha and I of how blessed we are to live in Canada, where there are so many admirable acts of kindness to assist those less fortunate.

We are taking a moment to share a few…

Hi Brie and Kim,

I think your message about immigrants and refugees was most timely. Canada is very generous when compared to many other western countries. As a small message of hope, Salmon Arm welcomed five Syrian families last year. Joanne and I were involved with two of them driving children to Strong Start, parents to ESL classes and finding jobs for one of them (through our Rotary club). We have come to know them very well and they are wonderful people. Their stories of family loss are heart wrenching, but they have hope and perseverance. The community has been very welcoming as well and all of them have jobs, two of which have been offered a career opportunity with on-the-job training. The ladies hosted an “all women evening” for the arrival of a baby, and their singing and dancing was wonderful (Joanne attended). Most recently one of the ladies catered a Syrian dinner for Joanne’s book club and it was absolutely delicious. She has also catered a Rotary thank you dinner since my Rotary club sponsored one of the families.

All of the ladies now have their driver’s license and they have had cars donated to each family.  I thought you might be interested in some of the joyful stories. We are pleased to have them in our community.

Merry Christmas
Doug and Joanne

In the spirit of the message written by Victoria, I wanted to share something with you. Those less fortunate than us, drive us too. Not only on a local level, but most importantly though was my introduction to KIVA…an organization lifting up the world’s working poor through creating opportunity.

I have joined KIVA after a request to volunteer two years ago. I applied, was vetted and then began this September as one of 300 loan editors globally. In addition I have given out personally to the tune of 210 loans since I joined October 2010. And will continue to do so. I always make a point of returning all that money to new loans and quarterly submit a fixed amount to the borrowers. In a sense these people help one another. We are just the conduits.

From your Seasonal Message, we see your team have approaches to helping others the way that drives you. To this end we are all on the same page of making life better for those with greater struggles. And that’s a good and reassuring thing. And that is probably the strength of our relationship.

Best of the season to you (and thanks)!

Rick and Kitty

In closing, we thank each and every one of you for your wealth management business, and your respect. Working side-by-side, we listen to your needs to provide unbiased financial advice…. and we listen to your stories because we care.

Victoria Rogers