June 2018 review and market outlook

Market commentary by Kim Mailey

July 4, 2018

What are markets telling us about the global economy?

You may notice that all the numbers in the table below are green – in positive territory over all time periods. The 4.7% drop in the Canadian Dollar versus the U.S. dollar has also provided a significant boost to portfolios that are globally diversified and report in Canadian currency. The year-to-date actual returns in local currencies for the S&P 500 is a mere 1.87% and index for EAFA is actually down 7.49% for the EAFA (Europe, Australasia and the Far East).

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Congratulations to Madison Mailey on an epic college rowing career

June 5, 2018

Readers of our blog will know that Kim Mailey and Victoria Rogers are proud parents to two successful young adults, Brook Mailey and Madison Mailey. While Brook has just completed a very successful first year at the Allard School of Law at UBC, Madison will graduate in December of this year from Northeastern University in Boston, MA where she is studying business and music. We’ve also posted about her amazing rowing career at Northeastern, which concluded May 26, 2018 at the National Championships in Sarasota, Florida. The entire Mailey Rogers family is incredibly proud of Madison for all of her accomplishments, and would like to take a moment to recognize her recent achievements with the Northeastern Huskies Women’s Rowing Crew.

An award-winning athlete

Madison was recently awarded Northeastern University’s 2018 President’s Award for top female athlete. This is an amazing honour as the award recognizes the recipient’s outstanding academic and athletic achievements, and the impact made on the school community. Just days later, Madison set the Northeastern University Women’s 2km record for the fastest erg speed – the best in the 40 year history of the school! Not a bad way to prove her strength as a “Howlin’ Husky”.

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May 2018 review and market outlook

Market commentary by Kim Mailey

June 4, 2018

A cautious overweight to equities

With the global quarterly earnings season nearly complete, the three major equity regions (Canada, the U.S., and international) continue to deliver robust results. While headline risks abound and volatility could remain on the high side, I believe fundamentals remain supportive for now and investors need to look through the noise.

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April 2018 review and market outlook

Market commentary by Kim Mailey

May 2, 2018

Strong Fundamentals – poor sentiment

Business and consumer sentiment reading in the U.S. slipped from their recent highs. Many of the respondents to these surveys cited intensifying global trade tensions as a key concern weighing on confidence. The primary transmission channel through which a sustained drop in confidence makes its way into the broader economy is a gradual cool-off in consumer spending, business hiring and investment plans.

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