What’s in a name? Part 2

Scotia Wealth Management

May 23, 2017

Our last blog post talked about the important distinction between wealth advisors (qualified financial professionals) and wealth advisers (anyone claiming this title, qualified or not). Naturally, our team is comprised of highly skilled, experienced, dedicated wealth advisors who work hard for our clients and deliver personalized, holistic care. We’re proud to be advisors “with an O”.

But what other names do we fall under? Well, for one, you’ll see that our website has Scotia Wealth Management featured prominently on the main toolbar. You’ve probably seen the word ScotiaMcLeod listed in different places, and you’ve certainly heard of Scotiabank. The words Scotia Capital Inc. are even on the homepage! So what does it all mean, and how does Mailey Rogers Group fit in?

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Wealth Advisors: What’s in a name?

On financial titles, and what they mean for clients

May 15, 2017

There has been a lot in the news about “wealth advisers”, and the trouble that investors have faced after placing their trust in someone who wasn’t as qualified as they believed them to be. Much has been made of the difference between a wealth “adviser” and “advisor”, and rightly so – they are very different things. An “advisor” has to meet very strict criteria, passing Canadian Securities Institute courses and earning specific financial designations. An adviser can be literally anyone.

Rest assured, Mailey Rogers Group falls neatly into the first category – wealth advisors who are highly educated and have all the appropriate financial designations. With our dedication to client service and an exceptional quality of wealth management, we can accept no less!
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Wealth, aging and what matters to women

Supporting your needs and goals at every stage of life

May 5, 2017

In a recent blog post, Mailey Rogers Group discussed the complicated relationship between women and wealth, and how it reflects the unique female experience and perspective. While women have excellent instincts and make exceptional investors, they are often less confident in their abilities than their male counterparts. Of course, it doesn’t need to be this way! Mailey Rogers Group is dedicated to the financial empowerment of women, and will continue to support their needs and goals at every stage of life.

To further our discussion, let’s look at some more issues surrounding women and wealth. A study by British healthcare company BUPA revealed some interesting information about women and aging. While this particular survey was from 2010, the findings are timeless: women are worried about looking older and less attractive, becoming seriously ill, being alone and destitute, or becoming dependant on others. These are serious concerns! Another article published on Oprah’s website revealed similar findings, and is a great read. Women certainly have a lot to deal with as they age – some certain, some situational – and this is heavy stuff. Here are a few recurring themes we’ve noticed:
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