Our team resolutions for 2017!

January is finally here

January 12, 2017

After a busy year end and an equally busy holiday season, January is finally here. In the spirit of ambition, encouragement and continued growth, our team is sharing their personal and professional resolutions for 2017. We hope you enjoy their responses, and will share your own resolutions in the comments!

Kim Mailey:
Fitness: Weekdays, I am guilty of arriving at 7:30 and leaving at 5:30 with very little time away from my desk.  The good news is that it is an adjustable stand up or sit down desk.  I will resolve to schedule two cardio afternoons at the gym.  These will be “appointments” in my calendar that I must keep with myself – no excuses!  On the days I don’t have a work out, I will commit to at least a 15 minute walk in the fresh air.

Relationships: As I approach my 28th wedding anniversary, I will re-establish a weekly date night – whereby we will either go out for a dinner and movie or play, or cook a nice meal at home together.

Knowledge: I do so much reading at work that I don’t have the interest or energy to read during the week at home. I will commit to reading the National Geographic magazine cover to cover on a monthly basis and completing a book for pleasure on a monthly basis.

Back to Basics: Go camping one weekend in 2017!

Victoria Rogers:
I wish to dedicate more time to being with my parents. They are in their 80s and lead a fabulous life, but my Mum has had some health problems and it’s important that I prioritize our relationship…even if it means more road trips to Chilliwack.

I will be a good professional mentor for Tannis and Martha…I see their huge potential in helping Mailey Rogers Group clients achieve their family dreams.

My wish for the future… advancements in the scientific development of carbon dioxide removal from the environment. A healthier planet is a must!

Brie Fraser:
The most exciting (and terrifying) goal I have made for 2017 is to run in the Vancouver Marathon in May (insert panic here!). Fingers crossed, my knees and mental strength can see me through this one.

I received a ukulele for Christmas and I’m trying desperately to learn some good Hawaiian tunes that will transport me to Hawaii and get me through the cold winter months – my poor family will have to suffer through this.

I am always trying to upgrade my education and stay current, so I’m going to be enrolling in the CFP Program for 2017 (Certified Financial Planner). Oh…and I also want to learn to speak Italian!

Martha Angulo:
I resolve to be more present, grateful and enjoy life more – I’m starting this one right away and going to London for a week! I also want to spend more time with friends and family and not take anyone for granted. Professionally, I’d like to finish my Wealth Management Essentials course, and continue to help the Mailey Rogers Group team succeed.

Tannis Fuller:
My professional goal is to finish all my CSI courses and exams by March 11th, which will allow me the privilege of being a licensed Wealth Advisor. I am brand new to this industry and if I hit my goal, I will have my licence five months from my start date. A bit of a whirlwind, but I am pretty excited to be here and want to get up and going as fast as I can!

My personal goal is to help my Grade 12 son launch to university this fall – I want to see him happy, healthy and with a scholarship!

Mailey Rogers Group is here to help and we welcome any questions you may have.

Yael Dirnfeld:
My professional resolution is to continue the deep collaboration with the Mailey Rogers Group and our other wealth partners to help identify opportunities for our clients to grow and protect their wealth, which they may not be aware of. I want to continue to share Private Banking’s story (who we are and why we are a cornerstone of Scotia Wealth Management), and to educate clients that, when used responsibly, strategically, and in the right circumstances, leverage can help to enhance wealth and reduce risk over the long term.

My personal goals are to “play” more with my six year old son and let my inner child come out more often. I also want to incorporate more healthy cooking at home.