The complicated relationship between women and their wealth

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April 20, 2017

The first three people to RSVP to this event will receive a complimentary copy of the book Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach!

There have long been stereotypes about women and money, and unfortunately, they’re not typically flattering. If you think of the films and television shows of our youth, the perception was clear: men made the money, men paid the bills and controlled the money, and women spent the money (often frivolously, and to the dismay of their male partners).

Now, we know this line of thinking to be outdated, and also untrue. Women often contribute to household incomes – even out-earning their male partners – and they are more than capable of financial management. However, that’s not to say that women and men are on equal grounds when it comes to finance – a socio-economic reality that comes with both pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the complicated relationship between women and money, and how Mailey Rogers Group supports women in the pursuit of understanding and developing their wealth.

Women aren’t as confident in their investment decisions as men are.

Women are typically not as confident as men are when it comes to investing, and this could be for a number of reasons. Are they less experienced? Less sure about the process or the risk? Or are women just conditioned to doubt their abilities when it comes to finance? MRG believes in each woman’s ability to make investment and wealth planning decisions. In fact, we think women are behaviorally and cognitively ideal for managing money! Here’s why…

Women think before they act, and avoid risk.

Women aren’t after the latest ‘hot stock tip’ – they want to preserve their money while planning for the future. They think about things like protecting their assets, retirement planning and estate planning. In most cases, a women would choose slow, reliable growth over a high-risk option with potential for a large payout. And for this reason…

Women make outstanding, capable investors and wealth managers.

Whether you’re a female wealth professional like our own Victoria Rogers, Brie Fraser and Tannis Fuller or a woman in charge of her own wealth, we know that women make exceptional investors. And this is good news, because…

Women are likely to manage money at some point in their lifetime.

Whether it’s because they choose to be actively involved in financial decision-making or because they’re single, divorced or widowed, women are likely to manage their money independently for a period of time. While some women manage their finances for most or all of their adult lives, many older women are thrown into this role in their senior years, after the death of their spouse. Mailey Rogers Group strives to help women understand and develop their wealth in any stage of life – we know you can do it, and we’re happy to support your learning process.

Our group would like to continue this discussion in person and provide you with some tools for confident investing. Please join us at our next event – an informative, social evening entitled ‘Smart Woman, Smart Investor’.

Smart Woman, Smart Investor
Wednesday May 10th
6:30PM – Drinks and Nibbles
7:00 pm-8:00 pm – Presentation

ScotiaMcLeod Boardroom
3rd Floor, 1555 Marine Drive

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