West Van vs YVR: A Scotia baseball battle!

September 14, 2017

Mailey Rogers Group is standing proud in this photo, taken in Vancouver’s Stanley Park – but unfortunately, we did not take home any shiny new trophies last week.

After a fierce battle on the baseball diamond, our West Vancouver ScotiaMcLeod ball team was bitterly defeated by the Vancouver office…brawn beat brains, but only on the field! Our team continues to dominate on the wealth management front, where we really knock it out of the park. That’s a homerun for our clients! (And enough baseball metaphors to last a lifetime, we’ll admit.)

However painful the loss felt at the time, Kim, Brie and Tannis felt their bruises (to body AND ego) more severely over the weekend. Their cheerleading section of Victoria, Martha and Coco Chanel (our office D.O.G.) was sympathetic, and everyone is back in top shape this week.

This was a fun time for everyone involved – thanks to the Vancouver office for a great game! It was well played. What a wonderful example of our greater Scotia Wealth Management family coming together. Vancouver may have won the baseball game fair and square, but remember – in the end, brain beats brawn!