Working with Mailey Rogers Group at tax time

March 21, 2018

Martha Angulo is ready to help Mailey Rogers Group clients get prepared during tax season!

At Mailey Rogers Group, we understand that client care is about more than being friendly – it’s about offering financial services that are personalized, effective and convenient. We take the complex and make it simple, whether we’re managing your investments, planning your retirement, creating an estate plan or supporting another element of your wealth management strategy. We work collaboratively, focusing on your success and peace of mind.

There is no better example of this than at tax time. While our team does not prepare income tax returns for clients, we strive to make tax season as simple as possible for them. Mailey Rogers Group provides each client with a list of documents that should be submitted to their tax preparer. Should you need help obtaining any of these items for your tax return, Martha Angulo is on hand to assist. Our team often communicates with our clients’ accountants to ensure no document is missed or misunderstood. This is a great opportunity to touch base and confirm that all professional parties are working toward the same goal.

This is the first year that Mailey Rogers Group clients will have to go online to get some of their tax documents. This is a secure, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way to deliver paperwork. Below, you’ll find clear instructions in order to make the process quick and easy. The majority of tax documents should be ready now, but please remember that some business documents, such as T3 slips, are not mailed out until the end of March. Please ensure that you have ALL necessary documents before directing your tax professional to file a return!

How to download copies of your tax documents from Scotia OnLine

Depending on when you agreed to go paperless, you may have already received some 2017 tax documents in the mail. The rest will appear on Scotia OnLine as soon as they are finalized.

To find your tax documents on Scotia OnLine, simply go to the “Communication Centre” tab and select “Brokerage Tax Documents”. There you will see any of your 2017 tax documents currently available. Each tax document has its own deadline (set by the Canada Revenue Agency). As mentioned earlier, most are delivered by the end of February, but others will not be published until the end of March.

Martha is here to help!

Should you have any questions about your account or tax documents, or you would like to revert to receiving your documents in the mail, please reach out to Martha Angulo at Mailey Rogers Group. Martha can be reached at or by phone at 604-913-7013.